Paintballing in Valencia

An unforgettable day filled with excitement , thrills and adventure. Find out who are the greatest warriors in the office.

The goal with paintballing is to eliminate opposition members by shooting paint on them. This is an excellent team communication and organisational skills activity. All equipment is supplied and an obligatory safety demonstration and talk is conducted.

Once in teams the various games are explained and the objective of each battle and game scenario such as, double flag, kill the captain and central flag. All of these game scenarios take place in various playing zones of differing dimensions. The games are designed to be brief so the eliminated members do not spend too much time on the side-lines.

For more extensive corporate events, a buffet lunch can be organised for before or after the event or visit to a restaurant typical of the region. This event can be organised for either the morning or afternoon, whether you are in Valencia or another part of Spain.

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