Gastronomy Treasure Hunt

Always wanted to test your palate in a gourmet setting. This is then the tour for you! Promote teambuilding while eating haute cuisine.

Are you a fan of wine, tapas and the Mediterranean Cuisine?
Then you will surely appreciate this hunt, which is an ideal activity for corporate events or private groups looking to test their gastronomic skills through discovery and team work. It is also a fun way to discover some of the history and culture of Valencia.

Each of the competing teams receives a set of instructions and a treasure map of Valencia. The goal is to visit the designated bars checkpoints and find one of our guides, who will assign them with a task. There are many tasks that we can offer and each event is tailor made to the client’s wishes. After completing the task the team goes to the next test/stop by following the instructions in their roadbook.

The activities include:

  • Answering some general knowledge and cryptic questions.
  • Overcoming various language problems, like finding out the Spanish names for the tapas given in English.
  • Scavenging – bringing back requested items.
  • Blind tasting of different products: Tapas blind tasting: croquettes, bombs…
  • Wine and /or cheese tasting.
  • Skills tasks in the local market

Interested in this activity and would like to find out more? Would you like to discuss a bespoke solution? Just let us know.