Vineyard Activities

Get hands on experience in the production of wine

Do you want to witness the harvest of grapes and take part in it?
Then search no further! This is a fun activity where you can help by participating in part of the wine making activity, the harvest or the pruning. The activities in the vineyard provide an enjoyable and different experience, out in the open, with the fresh air of the fields, where you will surely forget the stress of your daily life.

The tasks that can be done in the vineyard depend on the biological cycle of the vines. In January we can prune, in April observe the budding processes of the plants, and in September, harvest. The Harvest is the most cheerful and traditional task of the year in the wine growing world. A unique experience where you will get to know the secrets of making wine.
After your work in the fields, you will be rewarded with a delicious lunch and a wine tasting.

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