Archery workshop

This activity provides the opportunity for your group to engage in an exciting sport, in a competitive, yet friendly environment.

Led by our experienced archers, groups will be taken to a state-of-the art archery range. Different to the traditional format of Archery, our version allows competitors to shoot at 3D targets, providing an exciting new challenge.

Each session begins with the distribution of equipment and a full safety briefing, to ensure that all members of the group are ready and prepared for what they have in store. In addition, there will be an opportunity for each person to take a few practice shots with a full explanation on a one-to-one basis.

Once the introduction is complete the competition will begin, with the opportunity to hone your archery skills through attempting to master the art through taking aim at both long and short distance targets across the varying terrain of the circuit. This activity is ideally suited for groups who wish to take part in an activity which is exciting and relaxing, but also one which offers a friendly air of competition.

Groups who take part in this activity will have exclusive access of the site, with private use of the facilities and restaurant.

We all had a fantastic experience… Thanks for all your help

David May 2017

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