Catapult Building

Fly as far as possible.

This event requires that the group design, construct, test and ultimately fire their own catapults in a series of tests that will take place in a competitive match.

The group will be divided in various teams, each will be given a an identical set of materials from which they will need to design and later construct a large Catapult or Trebuchet. After this the teams will be asked to inspect their own equipment, although they will not be allowed to touch any of it at this stage. They can, however, make sketches, brainstorm and discus ideas.

When this whistle is blown, the fun really starts as the teams can now access their materials and start to construct their catapults.

During the final stage and in an entertaining finale, the groups will fire their catapults together in a series of tests. Not only will distance be tested but also accuracy and precision. To maximise participation, all the team members will be obliged to fire the Catapult and take part in the final tests.

Once the tests have been completed, the points will be counted and the winning team presented with their prizes. This is an exhilarating and competitive activity ideal for both small and large groups looking for an exciting team challenge.

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