Filming Commercials

Promoting your company, new products or recrute people with this fun activity with having Valencia as your backdrop.

Filming commercials is an original yet exciting activity where we capture the imagination of the clients, in different set of circumstances. To summarize it; each team had to produce a minute long advertisement promoting their company or a specific product using the city of Valencia as the background. Each team will be required to produce a basic script, which they will later have to follow, and of course creative ideas to make their advert stand out from the crowd.

The group will be separated in team, who have their own cameraman who will, in conjunction with the team, help film the segments that are to be included in the advert. The Camera operator can either do all the filming and advise on locations, settings and sound, or can help the team members to do the shooting themselves – the event can be tailor made to suit in this sense. The equipment provided is of good quality which means that the teams will be able to produce some good quality spots.

At the end of the filming period, the teams will return to base where the editing will be done. Here, creativity and imagination are important as all the team or a couple of selected members will get actively involved in the editing process under the watchful eye of our professional team.
There will be certain aspects to bear in mind such as sequencing, sound quality and the decision whether to include background music or voiceovers.

Once the editing process has been completed the adverts can be shown and judged. The viewing can take place in the hotel or even in the restaurant as a form of after dinner entertainment. The teams will vote on the best advert and each member of the victorious team will receive a price. Naturally, each team will be given a copy of their video to take home with them.

Interested in this activity and would like to find out more? Would you like to discuss a bespoke solution? Just let us know.