The Big Picture

The key to complete the task successfully is to work together.

The main task of this artistic event is to replicate a famous painting, with each team taking a pre -selected section of the painting to copy. Using a 4’ x 5’ canvas and supplied paints, water, brushes and aprons each team will have to paint their section, to contribute to the finished “The Big Picture”.

We insist that every member has a paint palette and brush so that everyone takes an active role in the event. The key to complete the task successfully is not just to work on your own section but also check that your piece of canvas fits the bigger picture.

For instance, when the canvasses are joined together, do the colours match, are buildings or people in the painting the same size or in the same place at the edges of the canvasses? Are scales correct and even, do perspectives align?

At the end of the activity the canvasses are usually butted to together on the floor so that everyone can see the fruits of their labours. This will create a “masterpiece” of over 16’ high and 20’ wide. However, before the painting can really be judged, the TBT team whisk the frames away and the activity comes to a natural close.

Time can then be spent from the stage capturing the behaviours and attitudes of certain teams and the different approaches taken. It is important to pick out the way in which people worked together and to pay reference to how this either does, or doesn’t work in the business arena.

This is a terrific and fun activity which captures the imagination of the delegates and really does throw them together in a very different set of circumstances. For large groups, we would recommend the reproduction of 2 paintings although each event can be adapted to suit the client’s needs.

Interested in this activity and would like to find out more? Would you like to discuss a bespoke solution? Just let us know.