Valencia Builders Challenge

The higher, the better!

Just like Barcelona is known for their architecture, Valencia is known for their massive architectural project called The City of Arts and Sciences by renowned architect and Valencian Santiago Calatrava. This person has made Valencia a city in transition. Massive construction and transformation over the last 10 years have turned a once little-considered medium city into a meatier and more interesting destination.

Inspired by his talent and innovation we have devised the Valencia Builders Challenge. The aim of this team building event is to do what he did; Build as a team. You will receive a short introduction from our local facilitator who will show you a few examples of how Valencia’s towers are held together and the principals they rely on.

Then you will be set 3 challenges:
The Widest Team: Using the same materials, who can bridge the widest distance?
The Strongest Team: Using the same materials, who can make the strongest bridge over a distance of 2m?
The Tallest Team: Using only 100 straws, A4 paper, 1 roll of tape and 1 block of plasticine, who can build the tallest tower?

Your tutor/s will be on hand throughout the day to assist you with different technical ideas and ultimately push your structures to their limit! Teams must work very closely together in order to discover the best building systems for their challenge, problem solve when their constructions fail and, they must innovate to create. This workshop is by nature semi competitive but always great fun and promises to bring out the inner Architect in all of us. To give this activity a nautical touch, we can organize this activity on the beach or even on a rooftop with spectacular views.

The event was interesting and a success. There was positive feedback all around. The team had a wonderful time and really appreciated the attention from the crew. Thank you very much for your help in organizing this.

Kees Verhouwen December 2014

Interested in this activity and would like to find out more? Would you like to discuss a bespoke solution? Just let us know.